About the relationship between vehicle maintenance and warranty you have to understand a few points!

In daily life, we often hear friends around the owners complain, “Oh, go 4S shop maintenance pit again,” thIs Is the case. Thus, 4S shop owners in the minds of the majority should be a place unlikely to be seen by. However, due to warranty, you may not owners but also from time to time to the 4S shop maintenance. Today, tomatoes brother to tell you that on that link between maintenance and warranty.

1, first of all consumer rights regulations in the Automotive warranty period, you do not Care 4S shop, 4S shop within the prescribed period, it can not be: 4S shop maintenance Is not as off insurance basIs. ThIs Is a provIsion that, in fact, it Is the interests of consumers consider, Is commendable. But absolutely no regulation, no power constraints.

2, in reality, much of the case from the first point proved too pulled, because the 4S shop did not implement thIs rule, all brands 4S shop, as long as you are within the warranty period, if you do not Care to go in cycles, they Will not give you provide quality assurance.

3, then the question Is, how can we do? 1 The answer Is to continue to recognize the 4S to be “slaughtered”, which Is no way to do, otherwIse wrangling that energy, you save that money far more expensive. 2 The answer Is that if you are a non-4S shop maintenance during the warranty period, then you go wrong, I suggest that you do not find the 4S shop claims wrangling that would be one thing rather cumbersome.

4, thIs Is not helping 4S shop talk, the warranty period if you can not go 4S shop, I first ran outside maintenance. I just consider for your time and effort, do not save a little money, wasted much energy. Out of the warranty period, you want to go Care can decide for themselves.