About maintenance of the car, Xiao Bian teach you a few small coup

Dante once said, go its own way, let others speak! When it comes to Car maintenance are nothing new, as long as it comes to Car maintenance aspects of the topic Is bound to bring in thIs regard. For example, just a few days ago a friend said she was in a moving Car when abnormal sound can be heard strange sounds, then we Will talk about today some information about the Car abnormal sound analysIs, see in the end Is not really needed maintenance , or because of special weather or road leading to the emergence of different sound non-Automotive failure. But Xiao Bian either case should tell you clearly, so as not to run into who are the owners do not know how to do it under the appropriate circumstances. Xiao Bian below it according to the situation said some friends to specific analysIs, the sound of the Car appear when they are traveling in what circumstances belong.

First of all, when in normal driving, the Car should sound familiar to all, once the voice of special appearance appearance able to detect it in time. For example, there was a reaction of the owners of friends, sometimes in the rain brakes sometimes feel the brakes does not feel right, the sound Is not right. ThIs situation Is the reason for the emergence of unusual weather in general, in peacetime, when sunny days are not. In fact, we usually have sound brakes all the time, but some Car brake handling Is better, so we hardly hear any sound when traveling. If you hit the brakes that sound rainy voice Is no law, then you look at the brake pads surface Is not uneven place, Is not because of foreign matter on the brakes due to rain the weather, generally like to have a special weather thIs Is because most feel the consequences of the weather, there Is a foreign body attached to the brake pads and to, so do not panic, just get rid of foreign bodies generally can be restored to normal.

A friend said traveling at high speed when the engine sounds a bit like a high roar, worried about what the engine failure occurred. In actual fact, we want to know Why the Car Is divided into low, medium and high speed it? The problem Is because the frequency of the engine, low-end Cars because of cheap price, the operating frequency of the engine should be slightly lower, when its speed exceeds the upper limit of normal play Will Issue such a roar, saying, Do not refuel again, it Is quick word within.

ThIs Is WhyIn the city Will not encounter such a thing, because when you drive in the city are generally 60-80 per hour or less, has not reached the upper limit of the engine, and you are generally at high speed when the speed in 100-120 , some friends Will open faster, thIs time Is to test your engine performance time. If it Is low to some Car might limit Is 120, and thIs time it was in about 2000 speed, if you have been to accelerate the speed of step 140 mentioned above when your speed Will inevitably rIse, it may be necessary to achieve 3000-4000 rpm so. The other hand, some high-end Cars because of the different engine technology, these vehicles may be open to step 160 when it Is about 2000 rpm, which Is the gap of quality and technology, but also determined by the prices.

The above said are some of the common phenomenon, but also not really a fault, let’s introduce some really a fault, such as you travel in them when he heard the engine emits very harsh sound of metal friction, as well as regular beat sound, thIs time most of the problems occur when the timing belt may be broken or come off. Then you need to look at thIs problem as soon as possible to repair works to change my timing belt, in general, a number of low-grade vehicle timing belt Is not expensive, less than two hundred yuan can get. If it Is off it Will be easier to find a professional installation on the line, but also to check off what Is the reason, because under normal circumstances would not fall off, just to find a good reason to avoid installing it off again.

The grind of those could be heard turning booster pump problems arIse regarding, in addition to some of the trucks, we are now driving most of the models are out of power, such as the steering wheel there Is power, there Is a brake booster, which are some very nice complementary capabilities. So if the problem of the booster pump can sometimes feel out. For example, the steering wheel suddenly very heavy, very heavy braking suddenly a bad step on the brakes or bad effect and so on.

If you suddenly hear the sound of the exhaust seems in motion, it may be a vacuum leak phenomenon occurred again or just some clogged exhaust system . If the vacuum tube leak the inability to make the move possible change of the engine, once the vacuum tube Will cause engine malfunctionThe phenomenon difficult to start, Will lead to more areas are not stable. About exhaust system blocked and some vacuum tube leak of some similar phenomenon also occurs weak acceleration phenomenon, because the engine works Is like thIs. First performed, and then the engine compresses the air, followed by air so that expansion Is finally exhaust process, if there Is a problem which step Will not allow the engine to achieve the best working condition, may lead to serious Car Is turned off.

In fact, the technical aspects of the engine have been very mature, if the problem upside appears mostly because of the problems of individual parts occur, but engine problems no small problem, if it Is found I wIsh everybody a timely repair.

and friends react whenever foot stepped on the accelerator or the brakes Will always be some noIse associated with, and the sound Is not big, it does not affect the normal running . On thIs Issue, first let’s examine the Car Is there some easy rolling objects, Will refuel or when braking due to the irregular movement caused. If thIs Is not checked, we look at what Is not because the Car has been open for several years, the strip between the door and the Car frame Is not a dry, shedding phenomenon. Is likely to be a slight deformation of the door because the hardness of the body caused by not enough, then the sound of the door and door frame due to friction, think about the Car you have no place before welding before, check Is not the previous spot the open welding, or welding finIshed local grievances should also sound out the door friction. Most of the time all these reasons, if it can not find the cause or to plant maintenance check, after all, like the elimination of thIs threat has still better.

Conclusion: As Blake said, like, busy bee never sad time. We also want to minimize the tragedy that hit when the Car trouble, so today temporarily give you summarize these four cases, if you encounter some friends just kind of situation occurs can look at can help you, after all, Auto articles Lord Is helpful, unlike the entertainment Will know on the line, the ultimate goal Is to let everyone know more about Car maintenance of knowledge, so that everyone in the Car encountered a situation occurs when not to be thrown off balance.