About car maintenance yet there are so many round after round, which Is the key, how can we do the best

Note: For Car maintenance yet there are so many round after round, which Is the key, how best to do so

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now due to the popularity and widespread vehicle, so many frequently asked questions about the Car, most people are more understanding, but also time to the Car to do maintenance, but usually they drove directly to the 4S shop, then threw the Car directly to the staff, myself sitting in lounge to brush the phone, the last direct pay it, so on maintenance problems of the Car, you know how much? But it has a lot of skills on the inside, so we have to learn today about how to properly conserve their Car now! First of all we can from the following three terms.

a: Clean the entire vehicle

proper maintenance can extend the life of the vehicle, of course, thIs Is just one of the most the important point advantage, the correct conservation and maintenance of the vehicle can always look as good as new vehicle, driving a vehicle interior environment Will be clean, comfortable and warm, which can effectively improve the mood of the driver.

so usually we should always do some cleaning of the entire vehicle for our Car, the vehicle’s exterior and interior environments to achieve the ideal state . In a clean and comfortable cabin can better wholeheartedly to drive the vehicle, in particular the need for staff time spent inside the Car, it was a need for such a good driving environment. It also can give you an occupant of the vehicle to leave a good impression.

Two: timely medical

In fact, many people are very focused on the maintenance of the vehicle, not only the appearance and terms of comfort, more safety and starting from consideration, timely dIscovery of some of the problems in the vehicle, and timely treatment to get rid of to make your trip safer a guarantee.

so often do a physical examination in time for your vehicle, but also can enhance the travelSecurity, especially after a long journey the vehicle, it Is required to do a comprehensive physical examination in order to ease of use, mainly to check range includes chassIs, air filter, water glass, paint and other parts of the body surface, surface paint and chassIs mainly to check there Is no rub, once the repair as soon as possible, in order to avoid corrosion of the vehicle appear to affect the overall appearance and safety performance.

The most important test Is the driving dIstance of the vehicle after the air filter, there Is no major viewing surface Is clogged with dirt, thIs Is lung entire vehicle, so if there Is dust, it must be time to clean up, if it Is a lot of dust needs to be replaced, and a small amount of dust, then you can gently slap the dust shaken off. And long-dIstance driving a vehicle very easy way to encounter all kinds of weather and pollution of the environment, the glass of water usage than usual driving the vehicle when consumed in large quantities in the city, so after coming back also need to check whether or not sufficient. Did not find any problems after undergoing these checks, then you can relax.

three: maintenance

maintenance Is essential for a whole Car, here’s maintenance mainly refers to the Automobile engine oil, filters, tires, engine oil Is capable of running the entire Automotive lubricants, so be sure to replace on time, so as to better extend the life of the vehicle. In addition to thIs one tire maintenance it Is also critical, if it Is found damaged must be replaced promptly treated, and after a long journey Is best to do it under the wheel alignment.