About car maintenance, these tips do you really know?

about Car maintenance, these tips do you really know?

With the development of society, we find that every household seems to have a Car, but the Car should be how to maintain, it seems to be a big problem, because economic development does not tell us on the progress of knowledge, a lot of people about the maintenance of the Car Is really ignorant, so today small for everyone to talk about tips on Car maintenance, I hope everyone can put their Car protection the even better, more responsible for their own security number.

First, small series to mention Is that once after the summer or winter, then we load the Car, how Will it? We all know that the summer and winter holidays, everyone else went out to play, which opened the Car or else stay home a lot of time Will be reduced, as we go to work every day when he Will open the general holiday when we Will take a train or plane to go play outside , so the Car has become an unwanted items, so long it Will hold what kind of problem? The first Is the indoor environment Is not good, you need to clean up the whole, and then wind through it, thIs Is a very important Issue, the most crucial point Is that you need to clean-up again throughout hIs air conditioning, air conditioning for the entire Car Is it Is important, Why do you say?

we think about it, the air conditioning dIscharged, he Is the amount of content we are absorbed by the body, so if you do not clean up, then he shot out in case of toxic gas, then our bodies Will cause a lot of damage, so the air conditioning, the cleaning Is cleaning it ourselves, make a guarantee for their safety.

Second Xiao Bian feel for the Car tire Is the most important, we think, in general after Car drove out of the ground only hIs tires , so the tire Is a very important thing, if we do not protect it, then there may be a problem explosion or the like tire burst occurs. We often in some idol or see the movie plot Is a tire burst and the Car behind to catch up, put in front of people to kill, or other things. But these things are secondary, we go out for travelThen, the tire Is a particularly important thing, we must be good to check before you travel Is not a normal tire in the end there Is no problem? And then we have to check, that Is, there Is no tire. In addition, I think another point Is particularly important, because in the summer or winter vacation or holiday time, we do not drive a Car, do not drive a Car, then he would halt, stop at the garage, you Will find , and so we want to open when he Automobile tires, not particularly secure, and not before time so secure, thIs time we need to take Care about it, then re-planning about it.

thIs time, Xiao Bian think the best way Is to look at before leaving my tires in the end there Is no drama or anything like accident Will not happen thing. For those friends who do not often drive, it Is recommended Xiao Bian Is when we put the Car hit the tire air a little foot, so a long time to put the tires, it Will slowly run some of the gas, it Will not very easy on the deformation.

The third point Is how to say the Car’s oil, because the oil inside the Car for a long time, if not the case, it does not reduce, but hIs oil Will deform, because there Will be volatile effect. Many people know thIs, but in order to save money or mIsanthropy, often lose sight of thIs, a long time does not enchant a pot of oil, then the oil Will be deformed inside the Car, the damage Will increase our we drive the Car when the Car Is our umbrella, that if there Is no umbrella for our damage Is particularly large, travel abroad should pay attention to safety, so the Car Is particularly important. Especially oil, if not wash for a long time to open it, it Will even affect the running of the engine, be sure to remember thIs small series to remind the audience even if you do not often go to open the Car, but it must be regular oil a change. At first a lot of people do not pay attention to thIs, but slowly a long time, you’ll find the reason Why a lot of Car accidents happen, it Is because there Is no good use of gasoline, for example, in the summer when you put it in the garage two or three days do not, then gasoline Will slowly become hot fermentation, but you still take Care of him thIs time your Car Will slowly be affected, particularly in the summer sun Is strong, the exposure Is especially strong , put the CarAfter the impact Will be very popular outside if you do not pay attention to it, most likely your Car Will explode.

In addition, Xiao Bian said the last point Is particularly must not put valuables in the Car on top of things, as we all know, the stuff inside the Car all can see, most of the things are transparent, so under a lot of circumstances, you put something precious Will be eyeing the thief, after he broke down the glass of your Car, put valuables things stolen things Is likely to happen, because the internet has exposed many of these things. So to be safe, we have to be Careful in properly treat our Car, there are some particularly valuable things, must not be placed on top of the Car, the Car Is not our second home, a lot of hIs things are transparent, we need it to help us to travel, to have a safe and wonderful protection. So Xiaobian detailed cite some examples, how it can better the first one Is not the first lady’s ring necklace lost our lives in Car above, these things you Will easily be placed on top of the Car, then forgot to take, but your Car Is parked in the garage or parked in the underground parking lot of the time, you Will find that there are many people who Will take your Car to cut through, put these things away. In addition to it and do not put some purse or particularly expensive jewelry in your Car inside, in these cases, the thieves Will keep an eye on hold. Xiao Bian want every person to see thIs article, can have a happy and successful lives, so be sure to take good Care of your Car, your Car because it means your life.

In summary Xiao Bian think every one of us should put their Car Is well maintained little attention Xiao Bian said that over these Issues, otherwIse then our lives Will be lost in case of damage we do not pay attention a little.

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