About car maintenance, older drivers are doing

more and more people’s income, a Car Is more and more people, but the saying goes, a Car Is easy to keep a Car difficult, not only need to hand the Car after refueling, maintenance, routine maintenance Is also a big overhead , you can not spend money to make money Is not easy even here we need to ask some old master tells us what needs to be done maintenance projects, what projects do not need to do. The following example would not have done

depth engine maintenance

depth engine maintenance sounds like a very high-end project, in fact, the engine cleaning agent Is added to the engine and let the Car idle for a while, and ten minutes later you 500 ocean was gone, anyway, the effect Is less obvious, so we went to the maintenance, you can just replace oil, filter on it.

most of the owners of their own to buy a new Car are Care a plus, make a wax today, tomorrow plating a crystal, can not wait every day to wash shiny Car, but the Car maintenance Is often some mIsunderstanding. Many owners hesitate to pay big bucks to excessive maintenance Car, but that a few more of thIs maintenance Is useless, you absolutely do not need to do

oil cleaning

we all know that gasoline comes with a cleaning effect, because the entire gasoline refining process has been added with a cleaning substance Moreover, there gasoline filter element then washed in a role to play, so when maintenance of the Car there Is no need to frequent oil, and detergents also contain a lot of chemicals from cleaning the Car’s excessive oil Will result in catalytic converters life cut short, not worth the candle.

If it Is a new Car, still in the warranty period, the best choice to go to 4s maintenance, avoid the quality problems to the other party an excuse. For after the warranty period of the vehicle, you can choose to go to the store to maintain their trust, after all, choose where to do oil changes and maintenance of their own rights.

air cleaning

Will put a lot of 4S shop Car wash also be considered a kind of air-conditioning maintenance project, in fact, 4S shop QingWhen cleaning air conditioning simply spray some cleaner and then turn on the air conditioning blow to get away, the Car air conditioning Is actually very simple structure yourself can be resolved

Fuel Additive

main component

fuel additives are alcohols or amines mixture, and adding mineral oil, fuel additive does have a cleaning effect, but the actual role of thIs additive Is minimal thIs Is because the amount of such additives Will not be great, and great adhesion coke and gum ingredients and the vIscosity, thIs liquid flowing alone Is completely no effect of