About car maintenance, must pay attention to these! Do not know how to learn!

buy a Car now more and more people. Many people do not understand the maintenance of the Car after buying a Car. When you drive a new Car, 4S stores Will certainly tell you first maintenance Is 5000 km or 6 months. They must go to 4S shop maintenance, especially in the new Car. Thus, many new owners often choose to go to 4S shop maintenance in the first two years.

In thIs case, 4S store very particular maintenance item. Reasonable, scientifically selected maintenance program Will save you a lot of money. You know, now in pre-sales, many Car manufacturers and 4S stores do not how to make money, make money the main point of sale. We bought a new Car, how should we maintain it? Maintenance in what precautions?

First maintenance, usually 5000 km or half year.

my Car (Buick Regal), my family and relatives of the Car (the Honda CR-V and Accord), the relationship a good friend’s Car (Volkswagen Golf and Civic), 4S shop Is recommended It Is the first insurance about 5000 km or six months. The first Is generally free of maintenance, maintenance of content Is to replace oil, oil filter and air filter. My Car 4S shops to provide semi-synthetic engine oil. If you want to use full synthetic oil, you have to pay more money. However, I think the first semi-synthetic oil use and maintenance perfectly adequate, no need to use full synthetic oil. You know, because we need to do two security Cars in a year or ten thousand kilometers. To be mentioned here Is that some Car 10,000 km first security Is not a problem, but other brands of the first insurance period Is usually six months or 5000 km.

Paul II, or driving 10,000 kilometers a year do Paul II.

In fact, the second time in the insurance or 10,000 kilometers a year, even if more than one little bit, there Is no problem. For example, if you drive 11,000 or 12,000 km were Paul II, there Is no problem. However, many 4S stores Will say that your Car to the 7500 kilometers Paul II should have done, and then they Will tell you many benefits ahead of maintenance. LIsten can ignore it, because many of the Car’s performance were there, especially in the modern assembly lineProduction mode, there Is no need to have such a short interval between the first and second maintenance maintenance.

In fact, our second Car maintenance Is also very simple. Oil, oil filters, air filters and air conditioning filters, that Is, those projects. These four, the first two must be replaced. Air filters and air conditioning filters as appropriate. Whether they need to be replaced depending on the degree of driving and you are in the driving environment. If your air conditioner filters and air filters very dirty, you can also consider replacing them. If they are not dirty, with a hair dryer blowing dust or pneumatic equipment, and continue to use, without any problem.

Of course, for example, for use in many vehicles have severe smoke and dust storms of the urban environment, it Is best changed frequently and keep them clean. In addition, it should be noted that you can replace synthetic motor oil during the second maintenance, which Will also help in the future to extend the Car’s warranty. After the second maintenance, you can maintain once every 10,000 kilometers, it Is absolutely no problem.

Miho, similar to the two security item. You must remove Carbon deposits?

of the third maintenance have nothing to say. If you use synthetic oil in the second maintenance, you can do it the third time maintenance of 10,000 kilometers, that Is, when you are traveling 20,000 km or two years you’ve been traveling, you can put one point For reference, the third time to Care.

we want to say Is, during the three packs, maintenance project Is still oil, machine filter, air filter and air filter, almost no other maintenance items. Here not long-winded, the four service content reference Paul II. To the 4S shop, technicians and even your sales would strongly recommend during the period Miho Miho to you: your Car has traveled 20,000 kilometers, you need to remove Carbon deposits on the engine, or else your Car Will have a great influences. In fact, the removal of Carbon deposition items in Miho Is also optional. According to your own needs and economic strength, it Is usually not too expensive.