About Car Maintenance MIstakes in inventory!

Car Is consumable. From start to buy, wear began to depreciate, Car maintenance Is to reduce thIs wear, therefore, vehicle maintenance Is also very important to the owners. However, by the tens of thousands of Car component parts, so that even experienced drivers are also well aware of each part, and inevitably, he Will often make some low-level errors during maintenance.

First, the first oil change Is about a mIsconception. If the average Car have any questions, many people Will first consider the need for oil changes. Therefore, the owners believe that the more frequent oil changes, engine better. In fact, thIs approach Is wrong. Yes, because frequent replacement of engine oil Will cause too much pressure, so the timely replacement of oil as long as you follow the manual of mileage can be.

The second problem Is the frequent washing and waxing. People movie does have a mysterious fascination, from mobile phones and electronic products like computers to big-ticket items like Cars, and so forth. Many people want to look more beautiful. They Will choose Paste or waxing. In fact, it seems waxing can make the Car more beautiful, but in fact it has caused many small scratches on the Car, which Is not worth the loss.

about Car maintenance third mIsconception Is that many people only measuring tire pressure, but do not pay attention to check the tire. In fact, on the contrary, reflect only the target tire pressure of Car tires, and tires for excessive wear and surface irregularities, etc. The question Is whether the normal performance of the tire. Therefore, after the test tire pressure, we should also check the condition of the tires in detail. If there are problems, we should be promptly replaced.

The last question Is for the novice driver who, after buying a new Car, many people do not make the appropriate treatment in addition to formaldehyde, choosing instead on the road drive. In fact, thIs method Is very dangerous, because we know that many parts of the material Will contain a small amount of formaldehyde, and narrow in a closed environment in the Car, so after buying a new Car, you must be a special addition to the formaldehyde treatment Is performed.

aIn general, scientific and vehicle maintenance Is a huge project. Many maintenance projects not completed as often as possible, so owners should also be fully aware of the state of their Car, the Car and learn the appropriate knowledge. Excessive maintenance Will promptly identify problems and timely replacement of damaged parts, that’s the problem.