About car maintenance knowledge you know how much? With a look!

talk about Car maintenance, every driver can talk for a few, who want their Car superior appearance, superior quality. In fact, I drove like a horse, the rider knows how to feed the good, blindly took real horse Will end up exhausted and fell to the ground and died. Similarly, the Car Is running, due to mechanical wear and tear, corrosion and other reasons, the technical performance would decline, such as long-term lack of necessary, not only the life of the Car itself Will be shortened, but also become a serious hazard for traffic safety Is affected. Generally speaking, there are three main aspects:

First, the cosmetic vehicle body

beauty body includes a high pressure washing, rust removing asphalt, tar and other dirt, wax brightening and mirror processing, new Car wax, steel, tires, bumpers and renovation projects chassIs anticorrosive coating treatment. Vehicle washing can remove contaminants often table dust, acid rain, asphalt, paint, and other body components to prevent corrosion and damage. Waxing timely not only give luster to bring the body beautiful effect, and versatile meticulous Care of Car wax can be UV protection, anti-acid rain, high temperature resIstant and anti-static. Second, the maintenance of the vehicle

with certain Automobiles after mileage, maintenance checks and adjustments. Aimed at maintaining the various components of the vehicle, and mechanical work in good condition assembly


Maintenance content: the addition of a maintenance, inspection and adjustment of the engine electrical equipment status, washable oil pan and oil filter, check and adjust the steering, braking mechanIsm, washable front and rear wheel bearings Yi. Add the oil, tire dIsmantling, and transposition, and so on.

Third, the renovation of the body


such as deep scratches, governance, multi-material bumper repair, a hub (lid) Is flawed repair, leather, synthetic material renovation, refurbIshment, and so the color of the engine.

Car maintenance Is very simple, just according to their own condition and to buy a Car maintenance manual routine maintenance on the line, do not lIsten to nonsense repair workshop, maintained as much as possible when watching them repair, maintenance knowledge on when to learn, stay well after the completion of maintenance and maintenance single detail can make a reference for their future maintenance, Ye Hao after evidence of a problem.