About car maintenance ……

At present, there are many different grades of gasoline on the market, use gasoline meets standards for vehicle maintenance are closely related. Most owners choose inexpensive low-grade gasoline, are generally high-end Car owners know that if long-term use of low-grade gasoline, produce such as power chain Will decline, increased fuel consumption and other Issues. But many owners do not know, not the higher the better grade of gasoline, even the high-end Car Is not equal to the plus high-grade gasoline.

high frequency of maintenance Is not a bad thing, can more effectively protect the vehicle’s performance. The main initial Car Is normal maintenance, relatively low cost; when the vehicle using a certain age or certain mileage Will enter the maintenance period, the cost Is relatively higher. Not only make the Car kept in good technical condition, but also make you save maintenance costs and repair costs. However, in determining Automobile maintenance cycle, combined with the Car’s own state of the art and actual use conditions, the maintenance cycle to do the appropriate adjustments. For some designated service dealer recommended maintenance cycle you have to consider very Carefully, after all, the dealer Is to make money. General Car new Car in good condition, may be appropriate to extend the maintenance period; and the poor condition of the Car or the harsh conditions of use

With the maturing of urban management, along with Car race on the popularity of Auto and improving knowledge of beauty, beauty and mature development of the Automotive market, the continuous improvement of consumer awareness of the phenomenon Will be greatly improved. ‘

3 due to the rapid development of U.S.’s economy, transport services has improved, people’s quality of life and the level has been greatly improved, but also the increasing popularity of the Automobile. But widespread lack of basic knowledge of Car maintenance in order to understand the formation of the Car broke down just to repair