A change in vehicle maintenance and oil on the line? Wrong, these four parts are not equal to the white maintenance transducer

Car Care change my oil on the line? Wrong, these four parts are not equal to the white change maintenance

now a substantial increase in the number of domestic Cars, and for many Car owners are very popular, especially in the maintenance when would choose to go to the 4S shop for maintenance, but many Car owners are not particularly familiar with, every time maintenance Is also simply replace some of the oil. In fact, in addition to oil, many Car parts are required to be replaced, such as air conditioning often owners also need to consider replacing the air conditioning filter machine. Today we take a look at when the maintenance vehicle most likely to ignore several parts. A change in vehicle maintenance and oil on the line? Wrong, no change in four equal parts white maintenance.

Is a first ignition device – a spark plug, as long as the driver knows the vehicle over, the spark plug Is an important component to start the vehicle. But thIs kind of thing Is a certain life, spark plug life in general, 30,000 kilometers to 100,000 kilometers role, but thIs Is not absolute numbers, the most important Is to have to look at the spark plug material. So every time when maintenance Is best to check the spark plug of the situation.

The second brake Is for oil, Automobiles are now all hydraulic brake, such a brake and brake fluid required to be passed. But brake fluid has a very nice feature Is that it Is easy to absorb water, after a long drive, we Will find that the water inside the brake fluid becomes more. ThIs can lead to decreased braking performance, especially in the brakes when braking level Will be significantly lower, so for their own safety but also regularly check and replace.

The third Is the “brake cylinder”, the member can be said to be most easily overlooked member, because of its location reasons, usually causing it to reach the most the thing Is dirt, sand and water. As the metal, after such devastation of the environment under which it Will inevitably rusting occurs. If the brake cylinder rusty, then the Car Will have what performance? The most obvious Is that the wheels Will always lock braking capacity decreased significantly, which would lead to a substantial increase in vehicle fuel consumption. In general went to maintenance once every twenty thousand kilometers. Maintenance of Automotive parts in order to betterContinued driving safety Car, so Car owners should pay more attention.

The fourth Is “CV sets”, scientific name: and so Is upon speed section. ThIs Is to protect the rubber sleeve of the cage, and from the dust seal. If the lubricating oil to flow out the ball cage, the Car might abnormal noIse or frustrated; severe, it may create a traffic hazard.