8 car have to do maintenance!

Cars gradually become a part of our daily life, not only a means of transport Is also part of a family, for thIs we are concerned about the theme, small as a Car engine, “blood”, now keep a Car can not do without open oil service key link. General Car maintenance mileage 5000 km or six months in the first-dominated, some vehicle maintenance mileage of 10,000 km a year or first-based, specific maintenance and mileage-based maintenance manual to the best of years. Maintenance mileage Will not need to do maintenance in advance, if not to the maintenance mileage, in fact, thIs Is totally unnecessary, it Is necessary over many words came back, I believe the majority of owners have to do maintenance of early experience.

the selection and maintenance of oil primarily selected on the basIs of the engine condition and use of the environment, the first time under the provIsions of mileage for maintenance, do not control how people say, so and so someone who once tens of thousands of kilometers and oil, some engine damage in a short time Is not apparent, no need to blindly seek high-grade oil. If the selection does not match the grade of oil Will lead to poor lubrication, burning oil and other serious consequences.

role maintenance of the air filter Is to purify the incoming air in the cylinder, if the air filter Is dirty, it Will impede the smooth flow of air, resulting in increased fuel consumption. Different brands and models replacement cycle Is different of course, but also to the specific recommendations in accordance with the maintenance manual or Auto 4s shops. When the water temperature alarm alarm or machine oil and other phenomena occur, be sure to stop and check, or diesel generator sets daily to clean the air filter, regular maintenance (replacement of the three filters and oil).

Function maintenance Car air filter Is an air purification in. Automotive air-conditioning filter change period of about 20,000 km of ordinary, but because of environmental problems change cycle may be shortened, often maintenance: the time for vehicle air conditioning, seats, interior, trunk and other cleaning & maintenance and timely replacement of air filter, to reduce the concentration of air pollutants inside the Car? The air-conditioned, have become an integral part of the Car, after the air conditioning running time Is too long, the air filter on top of the residual dust on the air, the smell had blown the Car, in order to solve thIs problem, do maintenance on time do occasionally special cleaning Is enough,

replace the spark plug maintenance time. launchThe product oil was dIssolved combustor needs cleaning. When the Car maintenance, 4s shop to make replacement of spark plugs? With the operation of the spark plug engine Is in constant loss of each ignition electrodes Will wear over time spark plug ignition energy Will be cut, causing the engine to accelerate weakness, lack of fire and so on. For the spark plug to be replaced, in particular direct-injection engine, the spark plug condition for a relatively high need ignition energy, consumable replacement period becomes shorter (about 30000 km).

Maintenance of the brake fluid (brake fluid) maintenance period of 2 years or 40,000 km, brake fluid, moIsture. Brake fluid Is to protect the foundation brake system. So hIs high-contrast conditions, the brake fluid level differences can not be mixed use. Why keep up the brake fluid change it? Since the water in the air Will come out of the brake fluid, to lower the boiling point of the brake fluid, causing poor performance braking performance, even without brake. Remember to change the brake fluid in accordance with the maintenance manual, take good Care of yourself, the safety of others.

needs to be replaced when the replacement indicator Will dashboard. Such as California, New York such big city traffic congestion, frequent application of brakes, brake pad change cycle Will be shortened. Under ordinary conditions after the losses are higher than the front sheet. The thickness of the brake pads Is generally recommended to replace less than 3 mm, the owner can view, identify whether it Is necessary to replace, Is to avoid flicker. ?? Bigger maintenance, internal and external fuel filter Is divided into two kinds. Common external fuel filter maintenance at 30,000 km mileage entourage; currently some domestic gasoline filling stations non-compliance, direct fuel filter resulting in shortened life expectancy. In addition, when confronted with the engine noIse Is too large, weak acceleration, high water temperature conditions, Is the need to do the cleaning and maintenance of the engine.

The wiper blade according to the recommended usage replacement and maintenance, poor filtration performance without cleaning Car engine and the oil pan, the oil filter and the like when the oil change, It Will accelerate oil black.

glass of water currently on the market a range that was how we apply it to choose a glass of water? Summer water conditions are not suitable for glass so high, should pay particular attention to the protection of the front windshield of the routine maintenance of the rainy season, many people understand the replacement cycle oil, but it ignores the antifreeze coolant how long replacement cycle. Anti-Car engine oil vIscosity can be appropriately reduced butNot be less than the recommended minimum standards manual, otherwIse it Will shorten the life of the engine, such as the standard Is too low can reduce the mileage and maintenance early replacement would be appropriate vIscosity.