5 kinds of maintenance car maintenance most “deceptive”, and knew early look, do not be fooled 4S shop

most Car maintenance “deceptive” five kinds of maintenance, knew early look, do not be fooled 4S shop

Now people increasingly buying a Car the more it makes people more concerned about a variety of Car maintenance knowledge, after all, a wide range of repair and maintenance Is really upset, and believe it Will lie.

If the flicker Is not a typical business it Is easy to lose a lot of money, and we have many owners may also silly do not understand anything, to fight for the people deliberately folded and complacent.

then in order to avoid these things, as the daily need of repair and maintenance we need to know the following few things.

First, in fact, now many Car Care industry are particularly deep water market, many businesses use many for thIs reason the owners do not know the Car, casually asking price, Collecting Fees DIsorderedly very serious, focused on the most important tire maintenance, cleaning oil, and replacement parts as well as to clean up the air conditioning to do so on!

In order to spend less money wasted, you have to take a look.

The first one Is about the tire, thIs kind of thing Is certainly easy to consume serious Car Care products, after all, thIs Is mainly rely on travel, so often a lot of people think we need to Carefully conserve tires .

In many maintenance, the maintenance of the professional organization of the tire and Is only confined to cleaning waxed, and then do some simple protection in other areas.

but in fact it Is not necessary to wash something totally take a long time and the money to do it, we own it can easily wash to wash in a simple place, unless it Is really damaged tire not to the point of use, thIs time none other than directly change a tire on the line, not only simple, but also save money and effort, so no need to take good Care!

The second Is to clean up the oil, all types of vehicle maintenance, thIs Is certainly the most important, after all, clean up Will extend its life, but in fact, thIs does not need long to do clean-up, or take a long time it Is appropriate do once, at least to open more than thirty thousand kilometers down.

If you do not open long maintenance at the time, do not do otherwIse, it Is to be pit.

The third Is about to replace the part, which Is actually a very common thing, after all, have a lot of different parts of life, but also different quality problems, so thIs lower case, replacement of parts Is very common.

But some black heart of the business but it Will after you finIsh changing the necessary parts still high little things , for example, give you more for a few parts, you do not know also do not know Is not much change, so that it becomes taken for a ride, or even direct that life has come to a part, for safety, must want to change.

so replacement parts are actually a lot of moIsture in the industry, it Is a place where I can be pit. Therefore, we should pay attention to a lot.


The fourth Is to clean up air conditioning, in fact, thIs very simple, do not need to go to a professional 4s shop, a lot of people say thIs thing Is totally experience their practice several times on the familiar, it Is not possible to do some repair shop, do not go to a special shop high fees and time-consuming.

after all these specialty stores have high repair and maintenance and labor costs, and from time to time Will not passive hands know what to spend more money wasted! So province to province, no need to waste.