4S vehicle maintenance shop can not do? After the old driver explained, the owner: regret to know!

As people’s living standards are now getting better and better, whether it Is work or marriage requires, the Car has been every household necessities, and bought the wrong Car the Car Is often the case, there Is a great problem small, according to statIstics, from buying a Car until scrapped all costs, maintenance costs account for about 45%. So, how to choose the right place to repair, both to ensure easily and quickly repaired the Car, but also spend less of it, Car maintenance 4S shop can not do? After the old driver explained, the owner: regret to know.

has a warranty period after buying a Car, all Will go to the 4S shop maintenance warranty period, but over time fool can see it, and so has the warranty period Is over it Will never go 4S shop, not only high prices, mainly pit too, in fact, for many small rub, or a small exterior damage, repair, or also some non-core parts, in fact, does not pay maintenance to the 4S shop, the main way to make money from the 4S and spoke for most of the 4S shop or dealer, the Car dealers have less money, especially now such a period of time, a lot of dIstribution Suppliers are losing money, so after-sales maintenance Car maintenance Is a big source of income.

want to go to the repair shop to do maintenance must first understand the 4S shop price maintenance, suggested here may wIsh to do a 4S shop maintenance, and then took Care lIst maintenance repair shop to see if it Is made of maintenance-related items, and then look at and compare the prices of the 4S shop, contrast thIs with the repair shop Ganluan offer, go to the repair shop for maintenance to preserve relevant evidence it Is very important for the vehicle Is still in the claim period. Select the repair shop for maintenance must first know the store Is not a relevant qualification, if not recommended for one.

As consumers, we have our own right to choose, but there Is a premIse that Is outside the shop you choose 4S shops must be formal, technicians the level of professionalIsm they provide include materials (oil, filter them) are operated in compliance with the standard. We need a little extra attention, as indicated on the vehicle maintenance manual recommendations, such as mileage as well as maintenance interval period, in accordance with the requirements had to be. Such as the requirement of 5000 km oil change, but you drag 8000 kilometers change, but also4S stores do not, then someone else Will have better reason to shirk the Issue for you, so, I think outside of the 4S shop to do maintenance itself Is no problem. As long as we choose the regular shop, and the amount of time and according to the standard of conduct, 4S shop Is no any reason to make things difficult for us.