4s shop tire maintenance tricky, sly let you keep track of! I do not see a big loss

With the continuous improvement of our living standards, the Car has entered into millions of households. In normal times, for the Car we still have a certain degree of understanding. We all know that there are a lot of Car parts, can not say the Car Is a very important part; but to say that all the components are very important, no matter what the lack of a Car they can not guarantee normal driving. Among all the parts, like Car tires and Automotive feet. Only with the tires, in order to ensure the normal running of the Car. If the tire Is not good, and it let alone drive a Car, and want to move probably Will not move.

Therefore, we always pay great attention to the choice of Car tire maintenance and Car tires. Only select good tires and good conduct maintenance to ensure it last longer, and can reduce the noIse caused by the tires. And while driving, but also to ensure the Car’s grip and stability, the only way we can ensure that our driving safety. And some very good tires, but off because of poor performance technology. So when mounted on a Car, bring us driving experience Is also very poor. 4s shop tire maintenance tricky, sly let you keep track of! Do not look at a big loss.

We all know that the Car belongs to tire rubber products, rubber products, all with aging and wear occurs. As usual tire has been prolonged contact with the ground, while driving on the road whether it Is experiencing some of the more sharp stones or foreign bodies such as metal, are very easy to put our Car tires punctured. At the same time, travel time also make the tires constantly worn out or cracking open plastic phenomenon. If you find our Car tires there Is a problem, it Is necessary and timely access to 4s shops or repair shop for a replacement.

In thIs small series the first to ask you, in terms of appearance you can dIstinguIsh different tires it? You have to know the tire Is good or bad with the good tires can ensure our security; the bad tire, to a certain extent, Will affect our driving experience, and to some extent even endanger our security. So if you do not know how to dIstinguIsh good and bad tires, it Is very easy for someone else under the cover. In a recent small series, a friend gave smallCompiled talked about such a thing, let Xiaobian to talk about Carefully.

after the Spring Festival, small series of hIs friend wanted to open the Car 4s shop maintenance look. And because tire wear has been more powerful, so we decided to take your Car tires be replaced when maintenance. Because hIs Car tires belonging to a better level, so when you want to replace the tire shop owner 4s an identical replacement tires. After the case of maintenance to tell the boss, the boss Is very readily agreed.

and other vehicle maintenance over several days, my friend went to put the Car, put the Car in the results they found that something was amIss. Because in check tire periphery letter, when even the dIscovery of new tires and tire original model has a different letter, so he gave the boss a friend called to ask about. Here Xiaobian to tell you about some aspects of knowledge about the letter tires. It Will generally correspond to the letters of the tire relative speed level.

small series of hIs friend, the original letters on the tire Is H, and after they found 4s shop maintenance to replace the tires letter Is T, so tire directly reduced several levels. That thIs 4s shop without the consent of their consent directly to replace a tire Is not the same with their original tire models. Friends talking about thIs also boldly told Xiao Bian said, thanks to the time looked at Carefully, otherwIse really Is a big loss. Because the level of their original tire Is no good, so the price Is also very much difference.

Xiao Bian end of the article you want to remind owners of friends, learn some knowledge about the Car Is really important in their daily lives. After all, defenses can not do without, we only own a strong grasp of knowledge can prevent Car deceived others in routine maintenance or repair. At the same time after the maintenance of their Car to be Carefully examined, after all, the only way to possible trouble.