4 Great Tips tire maintenance, all here

Brake avoid excessive rapid acceleration: in which the Car Is running, should avoid sudden acceleration, sudden braking and sudden steering, which Is not only bad for the mechanical properties of the Car itself, the life of the tire and dIsadvantages . If the repeated rapid acceleration, sudden braking, etc., and not with a sharp turn properly, Will cause deformation of the tire sharp, uneven tread wear, tear longitudinal grooves, the tire inner temperature rIses, the state of the burst easily.

away from the curb: Do not pressure as much as possible the curb, the principle Is very simple, tire contact area only and curb the corner so small an area, the pressure Will be very large, which means tire collection to compression and impact Will be great. And our ground clearance Is limited, if not tire test to first rub the front or bottom of the vehicle trouble. It Is recommended that small day we honestly in the ground running, of course, those who ignore the terrain SUV please feel free.

slowed down by bad roads: the curb we can refuse, but relatively poor road conditions can not be avoided, such as some pit and projections, these places are simply tire killers, but also because let impact rims deformation. Xiaojian because many of my friends did not see the pit causing a puncture, which Is not only a problem of the tire, but a sudden flat tire Is very dangerous, has been to take the wheel, slowly decelerating. So we face the harsh road conditions must reduce your speed in order to secure more tires.

maintain proper tire pressure: tire pressure of the tire must be appropriate, then high and the ground contacting area of ​​the tire Is reduced, the pressure increases, Will badly worn tire tread central . Low tire pressure Will cause increased tire wear area. Tire pressure tire so we must not too much, and regular checks. In addition to the wear and tear, excessive tire pressure Will allow the dynamic load wheels receive increases when driving at high speed or poor road conditions just mentioned, Will increase the chance of a flat tire.