4 best not to do car maintenance, older drivers: the money spent several months can add oil!

four best not to do Car maintenance, older drivers: the money spent several months can add oil!

the most indIspensable Is the maintenance of the Car, when we go to the 4S shop, we Will give you recommend some maintenance workers, as some novice drivers, when they heard thIs on the role of maintenance yes, these qualities play a role Is not great, like thIs four maintenance, you do not only useless, but also a waste of our money. So when the maintenance man recommended to you, when we still refuse.

Is a first air cleaning. Summer, with a number of air-conditioning also become much, but a lot of people do not think that has been a long time, it Is that there must be some dust. Opened when there Is dust in the atmosphere to impinge upon you, they feel wash Is better, in fact, when they give you clean, just clean up some liquid poured inside, and then open the outer loop, which we can do yourself at home, there Is no need to spend money to get them for you to do the cleaning.

The second engine maintenance. “Killed” four Car maintenance and do not do, older drivers: in particular, the fourth, a waste of money! Although thIs sounds relatively tall maintenance project, in fact it Is nothing more than the cleaner down on the inside, then let the Car idle. It just ten minutes, it may be necessary to hand in hundreds of dollars, which Is obviously a very worthwhile maintenance, like some older drivers, they do not do thIs project, in fact, we just look at the an engine which Is not a large amount of Carbon, if it would only need to clean up on it.

The third tire maintenance. 4 best not to do Car maintenance, older drivers: the money spent several months can add oil! We all know that he Is in contact with the ground and one of the largest Auto parts when driving your Car for too long, there Will certainly be aging or cracks. There are so many owners Will choose it for maintenance, but they give it to you when you polIsh it maintenance, waxing might seem when you compare your new tires. But after running for some time, he Is likely to be restored to what it was before the beginning.

4One Is oil cleaning. ThIs and the two are very similar, there Is no need to do, we also look at fuel burn Is not very good. If you have a problem, we just need to clean up Carbon deposits on it, thIs project did not need to do maintenance. But in reality hIs Car can really do Is really very small, unless your Car has been open for 78 years or more.

and some owners believe that maintenance Is not oil change it? Although gasoline Is necessary to change, but there are some parts we need to pay attention to it. ThIs Is Xiaobian to say, it Is best not to do maintenance of four, if you are not very understanding in thIs regard, it may be small series of private letters. Xiao Bian said that in addition to these, you know what maintenance Is not recommended for everyone to do it?