10 You have to know the car maintenance and project cycle!

When buying a Car, in addition to our focus on design, comfort and dynamic performance, the most important of course, it Is maintenance problems. After the purchase, maintenance can be described as a top priority, but in doing maintenance, project so much, and sometimes people really have no choice, if to be a full maintenance, but also a bit wasted, after all, each project Is required work costs and material costs, but in addition to the official maintenance items, during maintenance, which projects we should add, it Is also more confused. So today, soldiers Columbia decided to talk to you, during the big / little maintenance, which Is what we should pay attention to maintenance projects, so when you need maintenance, have a good reference.

a small maintenance projects


, also known as lubricating oil, which role Is to lubricate the engine, cooling, buffering and damping effect to reduce wear, so that the engine oil Is also known as “blood . ” While oil Is divided into three types:

fully synthetic motor oil: the advantage of fully synthetic motor oil fully synthetic motor oil has better high temperature performance, longer drain intervals and vehicles for the situation worse, but relatively and fully synthetic oil prices are also higher than a number of other types of oil. Generally around 10000-12000 km replace, if not often open the case, oil Will emulsify, useless, about a year need to be replaced.

semi-synthetic oil: semi-synthetic oil Is moreConversion cycle Is typically about 8000-10000 km, its price and performance relative balance number.

Mineral oil: ThIs type of oil Is generally about 5,000 km need replacement, as compared to semi-synthetic oil and fully synthetic motor oil in terms of price difference Is not large, it Is not recommended to use thIs type of oil.

Three filter

oil filter, air filter and air filter three filter called three Cars together. Oil filter that the filter effect of the oil, the oil used to remove dust, metal particles, Carbon deposits and soot particles and other impurities, protect the engine, and its replacement cycle as oil, oil change every time, need to be replaced thIs filter.

by definition Is the air filter of the air filter, the engine intake to ensure clean, generally replaced every 20,000 km, or about 2 years, a small maintenance required in each air gun blowing about, to ensure cleanliness of the air filter. The role of air filter Is to filter indoor air, to prevent dust and odors outside the vehicle into the Car, affecting driving environment. The same Is replaced every 2 years or 2 years of kilometers.

major maintenance projects


also called antifreeze coolant, whose main role Is preventing freezing in winter, summer, anti-boil, and Calc and corrosion. Typical refrigeration fluid replacement cycle Is about 4 years 60,000 km. In checking the cryogenic liquid, the cryogenic liquid container has a max (max) and min (minimum) two symbols, replacement fluid Is a freezing coldFrozen liquid capacity can not exceed max, while if the liquid Is below the freezing min, the solution indicates the need to add refrigeration.

brake oil

brake Fluid there Is a more obvious logo on the addition port, and there Is a circle in parentheses. Due to the inherent characterIstics of the brake fluid, water. Therefore, after use for a long time, water separation, different boiling points, its performance degrades, affect the braking effect. It recommended that every major maintenance (about 40,000 kilometers) to replace the brake fluid. Of course, according to individual circumstances of different vehicles, the replacement cycle can be shortened.

power steering oil

steering power steering oil Is a special kind of liquid inside a booster pump by hydraulic action, the steering wheel can become very lightweight, the Automatic transmIssion oil, brake fluid and damping fluid similar. Also be replaced when major maintenance.

fuel filter

filtration functions impurities gasoline, to avoid impurities damage the electronic injection system. If dirty or clogged general performance of accelerated weakness, difficulty starting. Now it Is generally built filter (about 80,000 km replacement), if it Is outsideFilter set (recommended about 20,000 km replacement).

The spark plug

The spark plug Is per the second largest maintenance project you must know, because of the role that the cylinder spark plug ignition of combustible mixed gas ignited, once the work Is too long, it Will make the engine run smoothly and without jitter, even the formation of short cylinders, beat the fire, while also making the engine more cost oil, so the role of the spark plug Is very important.

and now the spark plug altogether divided into three types: iridium spark plugs: about 8-10 million km replace. Platinum spark plugs: 50,000-60,000 km replace. Nickel spark plug: 20,000-30,000 km replace.

transmIssion oil

transmIssion gear system oil Is kept clean oil supplies, can play to ensure normal operation of the transmIssion and drive device lifetime prolonged action. And now there are some gearbox Is maintenance-free life, while others are the oil should be changed regularly, after replacing the gearbox oil, transmIssion Will shift when more smoothly, while preventing transmIssion jitter, abnormal sound , jump stop, failure of these problems, so in a particular cycle, or the need to replace the gearbox oil. Automatic transmIssion fluid replacement cycle Is about 80,000 kilometers, while the manual gearbox oil replacement cycle Is about 120,000 km.

Brake Pad

Strictly said brake pad and not a replacement cycle specific, because it Is a consumable, different usage, the pressure on the brake pads are different. Therefore, replacement of brake piece, we should pay attention to the thickness of the brake pads, and then consider the need for replacement, the replacement time Is generally about 40,000 km, if you are a Car owner softer way, it can be extended to 60,000-80,000 km, but the most important thing Is the ability to keep an eye on the brakes and brake pads condition of the vehicle, as the case may replace the brake pads.


vehicle normal driving when the battery replacement cycle Is generally about 40,000 km, if you feel powerless when the vehicle Is started, it shows the battery may be a problem, the battery should be replaced at thIs time. At the same time, Colombian soldiers suggest that you try not to open after the vehicle Is turned off the headlights or playing loud music, thIs Will be the loss to battery power when the ignition if you want to find there Is not enough electricity ignition, it Is very embarrassing.

Generally speaking, in the face of Car maintenance, in addition to the original provIsions of vehicle maintenance projects, but also vehicle inspection in order to determine whether other parts of the vehicle to replace the need for maintenance, while the 4S stores Will be the vehicle to do a comprehensive inspection, maintenance advice presented to the owners. But in the course of daily Car, we also need to always concerned about the condition of the vehicle, when the vehicle problems in a timely mannerTo make a response plan, in order to ensure the normal running of the vehicle.