10 car maintenance of common sense, and remember you can increase the 2-year life of the car!

Car after Car maintenance since every family, became in full swing, small stores from the street, to downtown luxury Car beauty, there are countless maintenance shop! The Car maintenance Is not familiar with all the things! In particular, some key parts and maintenance, because do not understand, it Will be trampled upon, because do not understand, so I do not trust! Xiao Bian today as we put together a little common sense exclusively as maintenance. When maintenance would not go so laborious research expertIse of!

are vehicle maintenance workers

First, the basic maintenance parts, regular maintenance Will be traded! The first Is oil, oil does not open thIs thing would not have changed, because he also has shelf life, it Is not a long time perIshable! If you feel more drive, more serious wear and tear, when 10,000 kilometers also want to change. Because too much debrIs Will aggravate the wear and tear of the Car! And it must replace ordinary oil 5000 km! The second Is a three filters, filter, air filter and air filter! The oil change every time you change the way the line, first because not expensive, and secondly because he was a great role, but also belong to the loss pieces! Not-for-long jams and mildew are sick! The third Is the antifreeze, which Is to prevent overheating of the engine and rusty, are generally replaced every 50,000 km. But always pay attention, less then replenIsh!

The new oil Is added

Is then maintained without frequent parts! Fourth, brake fluid, brake Is driving our security, especially in high-speed driving Is often a friend, if the brake oil in addition to the problem, Is likely to lead you step on the brakes fixed. It would be fatal, so 40,000 kilometers before, as soon as possible to get a new brake fluid. The fifth Is the fuel filter, which Is a most frequently used, but the life of the oldest parts. Because we are basically burning oil refined pure, very few impurities, so 80,000 km for once Is enough! That Is almost a lifetime do not change. The sixth Is the spark plug, which Is a more complex parts, because there are many types of spark plugs, usually with 50,000 km no problem. But the relatively poor with only 20,000 km, with a good one hundred thousand kilometers, then see what your spark plugs are made of! General 50,000 km no problem!

Automobile spark plug

The last member Is substantially maintenance free. The seventh Is a transmIssion oil, thIs oil Is not an ordinary engine oil, because more inside what to wear, so are best oil generally changed every 100,000 km on the line. It can be considered a life without change. The eighth Is the brakes, the brake fluid and almost generally no problems, but the problems Is fatal. So during a secure, 50,000 km need to be replaced. The ninth Is the battery, the gap some big, but the gap are reflected in the price, are in fact 3 years for! The tenth injectors and throttle, generally 20,000 km cleaned once, without replacement, because they Will only dirty, clogged, Will not be damaged! ThIs 10 maintenance tips in mind, the Car easy life plus 2 years!


Well, all the dry goods share Is over, the remaining points of concern to add things like looking at you!